The Kabissa Legacy

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Kabissa was a non-profit organization that existed between 1999 and 2018. Its mission was to help African civil society organizations put ICT to work for the benefit of their communities.

Kabissa provided internet services including domain name registration and hosting of websites, email, and mailing lists. It also kept organizations connected with each other and information relevant to their work through a regular email newsletter, organization directory and blog. Kabissa’s workshop program, Time To Get Online, delivered face to face training to organizations, and trained trainers from African organizations who then carried out training programs using the Time To Get Online curriculum.

I am very proud of Kabissa, and am deeply grateful to colleagues, members and partners I had the privilege to work with and learn from during the various stages of Kabissa’s evolution as an organization. We did great things, and helped many organizations throughout Africa to gain access to valuable online services and figure out how to use them.

In solidarity,

Tobias Eigen,
Kabissa Founder

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